Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So how is everyone out there in the blogging world? Good I hope. I just been so busy working and helping Akasha around the shop that I havnt had time to blog much. But I hope everyone is doing well ;-)

My knitting has been kinda boring, ALOT of socks. tho I have made a new shawl and I'm really enjoying it. Not to mention the lace I been working on. I got the pattern for the Sweet Mary Jane Cardi from Knit Picks...*looks for a pic*

Isnt it CUTE!

That is going to be my next "big" project, I'm probly going to sell it off to raise money for the ride...

and if you havnt donated yet please go to www.onemiledown.org and give me your money! It goes to end AIDS and i thinkthat is a pretty damn good thing to give money too!

But Spring is in the air around indianapolis and it makes me sick, in the words of Mr. Klien in French Kiss, Happy People Make my ass twitch...

And that's all I have to say about that lol

But more about that cardi

I think Im going to get a neutral color and dye some funky color...because classic knits ALWAYS stay instlye when you tweek it abit...

and speaking of dying you MUST join the MOSH KNITS DYE YOUR OWN swap! This will be GREAT FUN!


CynCyn said...

very cute and coquettish (the cardi).

KnitXcorE said...

heh. i remember seeing that a while ago. looks fun to knit.