Friday, October 20, 2006

My Scarf came in and "Duey" has a name

So I got my scarf today along with goodies, tho I kinda downed the chocolate and they were tastey...mmmm..

but my scarf is GREAT I love it and as you guys know I'm a size queen when it comes to scarves and this is sooo over 12 feet lone i love it. I will post pics soon!

And Mr. Duey has a new name. Well kinda. Duey is now his middle name and his first name is De Vil. Now when I get a bigger place I'm getting a girl and going to name her Cruela...

I know im a geek.

I have finished a few pairs of socks and I'm about to cast my noro I have to make a spiffy hat...more on this later.

But other than that I'm workin gand being dragged around DT indianapolis by my fuckin ghorse of a dog. This sounds fun but I didnt realize the attetion i would be getting walking De Vil. I have people running out of coffee shops to pet him. Which he loves btw UNLESS your homeless. For some weird reason De Vil feels he has to protect me from homeless people and if they ask me for change he gets into attack mode and tries to take of their fingers or some other body part that he is close to.

But I have my studio pretty much how I want it * again pics soon* and I even have a knitting corner that I work in that I'mm thinking about getting a spinning wheel


but I have to let you guys go for a few I have a few rows on a sock I have to finish before I can start my hat and De Vil looks like he needs to take a quick walk...

Later everyone

and Mr. knitXcore *don't make me use your first name R**** * by order of The Brookelynn you need to UPDATE!


KnitXcorE said...

LOL!!! i updated dammit!!! Duey is pretty adorable... and you love the attention :-)

Erin said...

I am glad you liked your scarf. I was worried that it might be too long because most people don't like scarves that long. But I had fun knitting it for you. And kinder eggs are always fun, for everyone. Erin