Saturday, July 22, 2006

WhiteTrash Drink Starbucks too...



~Drive thru beeps~

Me: Thank you for choice the Starbucks of 46 my name Is Krys what can I make for you?

Juvenile Delinquent: Yes I want 2 caramel Frapacinos...And could you make those mocha based?


We don't have mocha base so just coffee and creme. But I figure they wanted Mocha Caramel Fraps so that's what I charge them for...

*End Note*

Me: Sure I can do that...What size would you like?

J.D: OMFG! I want to fucking talls!

Me: *after catching myself* Ok....Two talls. I have 2 Tall Mocha Caramel Fraps with extra Drizzle, the total is XX.xx

*fast forward to my making the drinks with extra caramel drizzle and I'm handing the drinks out*

Me: I have your two 2 Tall Mocha Caramel Fraps with extra Drizzle.

J.D: *Look of disgust* These were suppose to have Mocha Drizzle....

Me: No, Mochas don't get drizzle, mocha Caramels get Caramel Drizzle...And all you asked for was extra drizzle

J.D: No I said I wanted Mocha...

Me: I'm sorry I will be happy to remake them for you

*takes drinks and walks away to take off the whipped cream and apply a new layer of Mocha drizzle*


* turn to my supervisor*

Me: I don't get paid enough to care about this will you hand these out for me?

Super: Sure!

*Super walks to the window to hand out their drinks*

J.D: WTF Is his problem...?

Super: He doesn't have one.

J.D: He has a fucking attitude

Super: Well he was trying to figure out what you wanted...

J.D: I told Him what I wanted, and he had a fucking attitude...I'm a fucking customer...

Super: *cute her off* Yes you are...*closes drive thru window and walks off*

*End Scene*

Sometimes I want to hit something really hard...


Sock_Tan said...

Urgh, most of the people at my school would go pulling stuff like that just for fun. People my age just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

you really need to learn how to spell

KnitXcorE said...

UGH!!! i hate dealing with people everyday.... i'm always amazed by how rude and stupid most people are!!! I'm sorta retail jaded and I'm pretty rude right back... luckily it's a relaxed environment and most of the customers just laugh (they usually think I'm just kidding around)...

CynCyn said...

i do not envy you your customer service job. dealing with customers can def. suck, esp. when they're entitled beeyatches. sorry you had to deal with that, but i'm sure she'll get hers. karma's a bitch like that.

Anonymous said...

At least your supervisor backed you up..I've worked at places where the supervisor got onto me for not being able to maintain the syrupy-sweetness for those kinds of customers.

Even if you're rude, they'll still be back.