Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To knit or not to knit

NSo I'm making my holiday list of people I'm knitting for... so far I have my mother, sister, step grandmother, and whomever asks me an I think they are actually worth my time...

But so far so good... I knit two hemlocks, and working on an entrelac scarf and the same in a shawl... not to mention my classes at work are starting so on top holiday knitting I'm knitting samples for classes... my fingers are cramping up just thinking about it...

But on a lighter note it feels good to be getting my knit on. Ive been random scarves... I just made a tourniquet scarf for myself the other day to wear out to a concert I went to last weekend. And dont worry I'm putting pics of all these at the  of this post lol

So what are you guys knitting?

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