Saturday, February 9, 2013

lookie lookie me make socks

so after a good two years i finally knit myself a pair of socks… i forgot how much i love knitting them and now that I have my own bedroom and a safe place for my yarn I can start stashing again…

I havnt had a yarn stash in over 3 years I have been knitting from ball to ball and its killing me! at one time i reknit the same ball of yellow acylic no less than 4 times. Now I just need to find some yarn to stash I guess not that many people knit in florida so they hide there knitting stores…sigh

But these are my new socks… simple yet comfy. Named after the city I now call home. (moved from Norcal 3 weeks ago) Tampa Bay

1 comment:

Britney said...

loving the look of those socks, simple and shows the nice color of the yarn as well. good job!