Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look at all the colors spot!

So after deciding to knit my mutha a bday gift I went on the hunt for yarn. I know that I wanted to knit some piece of AMAZING lace thats all I was able to figure out.. So after typing in lace weight into that good and trusted EBAY search bar I found THIS I know right! so you know me I cant pick a color to save my life.. I posted it on Ravelry to see what everyone else thought I should choose...AND EVERYONE HAD AN OPTION LoL So mush so I decided to keep my mind from exploding I would post a poll up on here so I can see the the color that would win out...

So please feel free to cast your vote and if you fancy drop a comment on why you picked that color and if you so fancy what you would knit out of it...who knows you might find a a ball of yarns or pattern coming your way as a thank you! Just leave your Ravelry name in your comment so I know who to send it out too if I happen to find a lil something something extra in my paypal lol


Anonymous said...

I love rich, jewel-like blues and think they are stunning on redheads and worn with black. I like these patterns:
DoneGal on Rav

melissa said...

I voted for spring green because...well, spring is coming, and I think ladies of a certain age really enjoy colors that are fresh and cheerful. You don't want anything TOO light because otherwise it sort of looks like wedding lace, but too rich and she might think it's too fancy to wear! :P

-Melissa (wynk on ravelry)