Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Breathe that just wont come

You go off and get mad about the place you and your family are forced to stay in. You lost your place and when the only person that allowed u and you kids to stay, you caused him to loose his/my home. Then you have the audasity to come at me about how no matter what I always have a place to stay and because I have that you fight me.

You do not have the right to treat me like this when I have done nothing to you, yet you love to throw things in my face that I have nothing to do with.

I'm not the reason you are where you are. I'm not the reason people dont want to help you.

I understand that you dont want to be in this room, neither do I...

You leave to go hang with your friends out of town and go to parties. I stay in this little room and watch your children. You leavr for one party and I see you two days later, I go out and if I'm not back by the next mornung you get irked and treat me like shit.

I love you but I cant keep doing this. I cant help you and your kids anymore. Yes I care but you are not going to use me as a scapegoat...


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