Monday, May 2, 2011

With a capital K

This is Murphy's Law to the fullest:

1. I got mugged two weeks ago and the bag they stole had ALL my knitting needles in it...So after a week of having nothing to knit with I broke down and started using bamboo skewers to knit an angora scarf...

2. The Yarn I'm knitting with is AMAZING soft and feels great between my fingers, but its so soft that single fibers get caught in my nose and makes it go into self cleaning mode, which means I cant breathe thru all the snot/muccus/watery eyes

3. and now my friends dog was just cought on the sofa EATING my angora lace scarf....

I will say this after all that I think I earned that capital K... I'm a Knitter down deep where it counts!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

You are a trooper my Dear!