Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Knitting...

So after years of only knitting for one person, Ihave branched out and am actually knitting for a few people this holiday season. I won't post their names here but if you have ever gotten a peice of knitting from me while I have been living in The City then your name could beon the list...So brace yourself Effie you could be one of the special ones.

So far I have made Swallowtail in a worsted weight so its HUGE! I love it I might have to make a few more as gifts since its so much quicker and it looks GREAT!

I'm just starting a Smoke Ring in a awesome Crimson red... I almost wanna keep if for myself but that defeats the porpuse of holiday knitting doesnt it lol

and I have a few pairs of socks I wanna make...So this might be the year I really get to know what its like to knit for others...


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