Sunday, September 28, 2008

Re: Quick Post/Folsom goodness

So. . . .you're saying that San Fran is no more accepting of the makeup/unusual hair thang than Indianapolis was?

To answer your question Mr. Annon...No it has NOTHING to do with San Fran. I was referring to the messages I get on Youtube. San Francisco is great, I just got back from the Folsom Street Fair...Let me just say its not for the faint of heart. But it was soo much fun.

If you don't know what the fair is let me give yo a bit of a run down...

The Folsom Street Fair is a true San Francisco. Over 400,000 people in attendance covering 13 city blocks, the Fair is the largest leather/fetish event in the world and the third largest, single-day outdoor event in California.

And its just a few blocks from my house...


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