Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A boy Deconstructed

Lookie...me getting ready for work...yea i though tthis video was never going ot happen i couldnt get my movie maker to work...but then i figured out what was fucking up and POOF a new video of me... ENJOY!


Lisa said...

You are too cute! :o) I always read and your blog, but I have never commented before. When are you going to tell us more about living in SF?

Anonymous said...

Keep workin on that look babe. I suggest liquid eyeliner, neutral eye shades (the hair and eye color are kinda dukin it out to see who gets your attention first), some shimmer dust for highlights and a touch more lip color. . . go for the sheer blue pinks and not yellow pinks.

Indy misses you!

guppygirl said...

Wow. You are better at make up than I am. I think I need lessons.