Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lace Cashmere shawl for 5 bucks...what?

I was going to sell off some lace shawl for charity but then i thought it thru…I was going to be waiting a bit for someone that has that much money to by a shawl.

So I decided that I was going to have a raffle. You can donate online directly to the charity these are going for sale for OR you can get tickets from me. Every $5 is a entry…

I figured that way I can get alot more donations instead of waiting for a larger one.

So far I have the Icarus Shawl done I have to get pics of that up and im working on a shawl from Victorian lace today…I have a few more planned out after that.

So if anyone wants in on grabbing there own Lace Shawl hand knit by ME please feel free to pop over to my ALC page and donate a few dollars!

No one can donate all but if we all donate some we can blow last years $11 Million out of the water!

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