Saturday, September 8, 2007

I love mail

Here comes the mail it never fails
it makes me want to wag my tail.
When I see it I want to wail:


So I love mail, I really do. Well except for the whole junk mail thing...But so far this week in my mail news I have found 6 books...

Knitting Almanac
One Skien Wonders
Vintage Lace knitting Today
A Gathering of Lace
Knit 2 Together
Speed Knitting

Yea I need new books like I need a whole in my head...

But they have such pretty pictures.....

Plus I signed up for Post Crossings. If you havnt heard of it. It's a fun a d free way to get mail and postcards from around the world... Go Sign up you never know you could get a little note from me ;-)

I did go to the movies last night, a friend of mine wanted to take me out since I was having kinda hard time at home with the roomies...Nothing like a night out at P.F Changs and a movie...

I seen the new Halloween. It wasn't bad, it was a lot more graphic the the original, then I seen it was writting and directed by Rob Zombie...that explained it all lol


CynCyn said...

Rob Zombie? Uhhh.... hmm. I hope things get straightened out lickety split!

KnitXcorE said...

I <333 PF CHANGS! there's one in Tropicana, totally my fave. if you want to mail me any your books, that'd be ok :-) srsly. post crossings sounds awesome.