Monday, January 29, 2007

...Let them eat cake...

So I was trying to think of a new project and I got a call from work, And POOF I had my inseration. I know what your thinking... How can work inspire knitting...

WELLL this is what happened. I found out a girl i worked with had to go home * that being Panama* Her Grandfather died so I was like OMG...and decied to make her a shawl. I have been wanting ot make a shawl for a LONG time just had no reason for it. So I found some yarn from my stash, and I turned it into a shawl. I picked out two skeins of Hot Socks. They area ll her fav colors everything from orange to pink and a little blue. But I made a triangle shawl for her. I picked bright colors becasue they are all her FAV colors and I wanted something uplifting.

I was a row down and I didnt like it that much, so I took a breath *grabbed some Gray Goose in honor of E&P* and dropped every 4th stitch.

After having a mini heart attack I worked all the stitches down, and I must say its VERY cute. I will post pics here in a few days!!!

BTW incase you didnt know BROOKLYNNE MICHELLE IS BACK!

GO listen to her NOW!!! and you might hear a little surprise from umm...ME!!!!

I'm working on a new pair of socks from knitty, They are the Hedra socks...They are for my mommy for her bday in march.

SHHH! dont tell...

speaking of bdays mine is coming up VERY soon *cough* Feb 18 *cough*

so plan what you want to send me people ;-)

I'm wanting to learn how to spin so if you want send all the roving you want ;-)

and brownie points if you know who said my header ;-)


KnitXcorE said...

busy bee(otch)! I'm going to download brooklynne now <333

KnitXcorE said...

yay! i missed brooklynne!

Anonymous said...

Um easy(you and the quote)

"But queen the pesants have no bread"
"So let them eat cake"

Said by The Queen of France Marie Antionette


Guinifer said...

However, Marie Antoinette never actually said those words - they were attributed to her by a press that was very much like our National Enquirer is today!